Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Simplified JSON notation

JSON is human-editable, but not necessarily human-friendly. A typical JSON configuration file:

    "ip" : "",
    "port" : 666

A more Lua-inspired syntax is friendlier:

ip = ""
port = 666

This syntax corresponds 1-1 with regular JSON syntax and can be trivially converted back and forth with the following rules:

  • Assume an object definition at the root level (no need to surround entire file with { } ).
  • Commas are optional
  • Quotes around object keys are optional if the keys are valid identifiers
  • Replace : with =

On the other hand, all syntax wars are pointless and will only send us into an early grave.


  1. So did you end up with custom JSON C++ parser?

  2. Yes, we are using a custom parser for our special format.

  3. Would you mind sharing the code of your parser?
    I'm very interested on it!

  4. He has uploaded his utility code (including parser) to github:

    There is a one issue reported with the grow operation, but you can fix it yourself.

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