Friday, October 2, 2009

Two way serialization function

A trick to avoid having to keep the serialization code for input and output in sync is to use the same code for both input and output:

struct Object {
template <>
STREAM & serialize(STREAM & stream) {
return stream & a & b & c;
int a, b, c;

Here we have used & as our serialization operator. We could use any operator we like.

We then just implement the operator to do the right thing for our input and output streams:

template < > InputArchive & operator &(InputArchive &a, int &v) {, sizeof(v));
return a;

template < > OutputArchive & operator & (OutputArchive &a, int &v) {
a.write(&v, sizeof(v));
return a;

These are both template specializations of a generic streaming template.

template <>
STREAM & operator &(STREAM & stream, T & t) {

Now we can stream all kinds of types either by implementing serialize in the type or by defining a template specialization of operator & for that type.


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